Scars to Freedom, Inc. was founded in 2008. It was a thought that sparked into a reality. Imagine being able to take our wounded Veterans, and remove their scars . This is a service that is dismissed by VA hospitals, and the cost of this treatment is too expensive to be paid out of our Military’s own pockets.“Recently my heart felt deep emotional pain”, says Guadalupe Ponte, Dermagraphic Specialist at The Scar Treatment Center, “as I repaired a scar on a 28 year old Marine. His thoughts of suicide were often expressed.” He stated, “Every time I look at my face and legs, I’m reminded of the Soldiers that fought beside me, and later lay lifeless, and the civilian people in Iraq who trembled and screamed as they watched their loved ones die from explosions. It is a nightmare I have to forget. As my scars are removed, along will go the painful memories of how I got them.”

It is our goal at The Scars to Freedom Foundation, along with your charitable donations, to provide FREE scar revision to all Military Veterans. This is our way of thanking them for their sacrifice and service for our Country. Although there are many charities for Veterans, we are the first to offer free scar revision, as scars can cause lifelong emotional trauma. In the future, we hope to raise awareness to the American People that our Veterans and Soldiers are not forgotten and should be cared for 100%. We hope, through your donations, and the help of all of our  citizens, to accomplish our goal of opening Scar Treatment Recovery Centers all across the nation.

Founder of Scars to Freedom
Guadalupe Ponte D.M.P.